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Stuff to wear-clothing! {rave, goth, club}Rave clothes, gear and costumes{Just imagine what you could be}Dark to Candy and everything in between.


The best looking, most comfortable, and most fun clothing and accessories to wrap your body in! Everyones got vintage t-shirts but OURS glow in the dark and shimmer! Feeling a little plain? Try dressing up your skin in tattoo slip on sleeves. Everyone will get the message when they see it slide brilliantly accross your waist with LED screen belt buckles! The classic rave look is yours with the UFO raver pants (most comfortable ever!). Express and highlight yourself with i-glow black light and glow in the dark body paint. Instantly change your look and your attitude with our crazy/sexy wigs. Just imagine what you could be... sexy bunny to cat in the hat or even a harajuku anime pop rock princess. Sail through the party as a swashbucking pirate (ladies), caribbean pirate captain, hot school girl, or dark fairy. Dont let your head get cold or boring! We've got everything from a ton of kangol to cat-in-the-hat hats for you. Eyes feeling senstive? We've got you covered with crazy dj raver shades and stylish club sunglasses. Retro-a-gogo with go-go gear! Stylish club clothing for the guys and beautiful delicacies ladies.