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I took my first mortgage loans when I was 25 and that helped my relatives a lot. However, I require the short term loan once more time.

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Halloween is a time for costumes and ravers

Raves, parties and clubs are slowly having the innovation and creativity drained out of them. Its a fact. Fewer people are dressing up and more cookie cutter cloned look-a-like-clubs are taking the place of what was once an inventive and impossibly entertaining experience has become an old bloated boring franchise... Almost. Theres still hope.

The foundation is still there, awesome people, incredibly music, and new toys and technology every day. Have you SEEN the new tricks people are doing with LEDs, light sensors, and reactive lighting?

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D T as a Jones Soda...A.K.A. In case anyone asks you to describe us....

We are eagerly awaiting a custom case of Define Toys: Special Brew from Jones Soda, heres a sneak peak at the label...

DefineToys: A wicked brew of mischievous fun...
Concocted from the concentrated essence of euphoria, ecstasy, & unadulterated joy. Indulge in the yin and yang of zingy sparkling adventure embraced in silky smooth bliss. Let this very special brew dance across your senses. *WARNING* Contents may provoke fits of uncontrollable giggling.

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