My survival tips for burning-man first timers! (A.K.A. virgins!)

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First off, don't try to know too much!! Just go there and experience it without expectations and preconceived notions. You wouldn't go to a movie and ask how it ends before ya got there would you?

Stuff your gonna need (just trust me :-D):

  • goggles (snowboard goggles are my fav)
  • Face mask or bandana (something to filter air/breath through)
  • CRAZY BYCICLE!!!!!!!!!!!the wilder and more colorful and crazier the better, get fat tires, no 10 speeds :P
  • A big drinking cup with a tether (to tie to your bike or .. self) to hold your booze and/or whatever else generous strangers give you to drink (dont bring disposable crap!)
  • lots of cool little things to give away and trade with other cool people that have cool little things to give you.
  • An adventurous and friendly attitude as well as lots of curiosity, generosity, and the courge to contribute to all the absolutely mind blowing things you'll encounter.
  • LOTS of stuff to drink, water, juice, spicy v8s, and whatever other liquid libation suits you.
  • crazy clothes. No I mean REALLY crazy... like a mirrored elvis costume with pom poms and a rainbow afro wig while on stilts and sparklers stuck... well you get the picture. wear all the stuff you've always wanted too but normal society wont let you.

more to come!