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The wild, the wierd and the wacky{MISFITS UNITE!} for all that evades categorization.


The wild the wierd and the wacky, MISFITS UNITE! From mystical fortune tellers to paranoide survival kits to help you survive the consipiracy, we've got you covered right down to bad dream sprinkles to make sure you have a comfortable nights rest. Get a ninja devil duckie to protect you during your bath or a glow squish brain in case you've lost your mind (will be easy to find in the dark at least). We even have secret decoy safe s to keep your precious stuff... wait for it... SAFE! We've even got exotic nagchampa incense to fill the air with aeromatic peace (and love) and blacklight reactive ash catchers to burn them in. You'll also find curiosities like vintage lunchboxes and retro oddities.