Ambiance is key Intense and beautiful {blue, green, and red wicked lasers} fog machines bubbles...

Lasers, Lights and Effects{INTENSE AND BEAUTIFUL}in a rainbow of powerful colors including green, red and blue.


We have some seriously intense and beautiful lasers in your choice of flavors.. er colors including green, red and even rare blue lasers. We have everything from full photon club laser shows to pocket sized laser shows you can take with you. Dont let the 3-d lasers make you miss our powerful and stunning lights that fill the room with ambiance and color. Speaking of ambient effects try fog machines + juice to set a mysterious mood or make those lights and lasers stunningly visible! To make all those UV reactive and brightly colored items REALLY glow turn on a few of our blacklights. If your in a lighter mood try our bubble machines. For that ecto-plasmic energy we have a wide selection of plasma sculptures, BluePlasma spheres and lamps. Spinning holograms make a great visual treat. Bathe a room in mood altering color with our spotlight + color wheels. Dont forget the timless classic: lava lamps and now the new LED spinning lava lamps.To top it all off and make those lights and lasers refract into millions of rays of light we love jumbo mirrored disco balls! Last but perhaps most important check out these diffracting glasses make any light explode with rainbow color!