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How to Party like a RockStar but not die like one!
OK-if you're gonna try to make it past 28, here are a few tips and remedies for what might ail you (& what might ail you if you don't!)

Emer-gen-C is a must before and after any party, travel or bout of general lack in taking care of yourself. Vitamin C strengthens your cell wall. Take Emergen-C to store up vitamins and minerals, replenish your body after dancing all night, if you feel something coming on, or to boost your immune system before a trip.
Another homeopathic remedy is oscillococcinum for flu symptoms.
Taking zinc lozenges will also help you stay well and shorten the duration of a cold or sickness.
Peppermint tea is a great relief for a tummy ache
I also like to make a "cocktail" of echinacea, goldenseal, colloidal silver, and juice. Add the recommended amount of drops to a shot of juice (it tastes pretty nasty) and chase it with another glass of juice to kill the taste. I swear that this kept me alive this past winter. PJO was sick for at least 3 weeks twice and I never got it. I did sleep a lot, too!

Acidophilus will keep your body healthy (take it every day if you can't eat yogurt to keep the good bacteria in your body fighting the bad guys)
replenish your body with protein powder electrolyte performance drinks, protein slams and meal replacements.
For that added (ephedra free) Energy boost, try vitamin B-12 supplements or Caffeine
ginseng is even said to be an aphrodisiac as well as boost memory and stamina

Take 5-HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan) which is used to help the body make serotonin.

Tiger Balm is excellent for rubbing into sore muscles or using as a menthol rub similar to vicks.

If Sleep/ rest is what you need, chamomile, valerian root, or melatonin can help you catch some zzzs. I like melatonin personally. I always feel like a million bucks when I wake up but I really need 8 hours to sleep it off. I go into a really deep sleep and don't want to wake up with less than 8 or 9 hours of sleep.



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